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Communism Watch

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Commie exposed by Quami

More on Zaheera's statements and allegations:
I would like my lawyer to examine the chairman of the NHRC

Neither Teesta nor her husband is running any NGO called Communal Combat, which is a business venture of a company or firm known as Sabrang Publication

I and Best Bakery were the symbols to ensure money is collected in the name of combat communalism

My lawyers tell me that this is a device to avoid (the) foreign contribution regulation act. Had it been an NGO, every foreign contribution would have been disclosed after giving information to the Union home ministry. It is a disguise to cover up receipts of foreign contributions

Zahira Sheikh, the “face” of one of the worst Gujarat riot cases, the Best Bakery massacre, has accused the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) chairman of wrongly recording her statement and sought to cross-examine him.

Former Chief Justice Anand was instrumental in bringing the attention of the Supreme Court — and the country — on the Best Bakery case. - The Telegraph


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