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Saturday, April 09, 2005

In praise of Lenin and Stalin

The following photo has been taken at the 18th congress of Community party of India (ML) (April 2005). Hardcore communists still praise and admire (1)Lenin and (2)Stalin - as seen in the photo. BBC describes Stalin as "One of the most powerful and murderous dictators in human history".

It should be noted that Stalin was also in charge of the war machine that played a significant role in the defeat of Hitler's armies during World War II. The communists still lament their enemies as fascists!

As noted before on this blog, communist attrocities have not been very well documented. Moreover, as Balbir Punj notes,
Far worse has been the role of our "intellectuals". They turned Hitler's concentration camps into a cliché, but maintained complete silence on Stalin's Gulag where twice the number of people perished. They played havoc with countries of East Europe because of which many of them are still experiencing political and economic difficulties.

A modern intellectual Jean-Francois Revel, author of famous books like, Without Marx or Jesus and How Democracies Perish has rightly said: "Authoritarian socialism has failed almost everywhere, but you will not find a single Marxist who will say it has failed because it was wrong or impractical. He will say it has failed because nobody went far enough with it. So failure never proves that a myth is wrong."

It is despecable to see how 'traditional' these 'revolutionaries' are. Hence the dwindling numbers?


  • Hi,
    I am new here. I didnt find any posts on NDTV, the commie electronic mouthpiece run by commies like Prannoy Roy and Rajdeep Sardesai? Are you not aware of them?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 09, 2005 11:33 PM  

  • I see you are in the US. Dont you get to watch their channels there?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 09, 2005 11:35 PM  

  • not just communists but also muslims tend to think same way. The problem with their societies is not Islam itself (because it is "perfect") but rather not enough islam.
    the marxists tried to go back to year zero while islamist try to go back to 700ad. We came pretty close in Afghanistan to seeing what this ideal looks like.

    By Blogger sydaus, at April 10, 2005 2:06 AM  

  • sydaus... I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up!... adding it to my "Links" section.

    Anonymous: If you want, you can send me some information about Prannoy Roy and Rajdeep Sardesai ... cause we dont get these channels.

    By Blogger hammer_sickle, at April 29, 2005 9:22 AM  

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