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Friday, April 01, 2005

India's Relationship With Israel

This Op-Ed appeared in Israel National News which glides over communist movements in present and past Indian politics.
Despite their hatred for Hindus, branding their opponents "Hindu fundamentalists", Communists and others who pander to the demands of Muslims gain respect by associating themselves with Hindus.

In the recent past, with the Nehru family out of power, the relationship between India and Israel has bloomed. In 1992, India established a full diplomatic relationship with Israel, and since then, the two countries have signed several defense deals. Many Israelis who have visited India as tourists during this period have had pleasant experiences. While there seems to be no immediate danger of things taking a turn for the worse, it is a cause for concern that a member of the Nehru family is once again the de facto head of the government in India. Hopefully, the shortsighted foreign policy of ostracizing Israel will not become reality again, leading to the souring of relations between India and Israel.
One should note that pro-palestenian activism has a strong hold in Indian communist circles.


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