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Monday, April 11, 2005

News update

1) In China and India, Communists are different - Times of India

2) Forced into pragmatism - Indian Express
As the CPM transforms its identity, it’s still struggling to come to terms with Indian realities

3) Marxist ideologue Karat is new CPI-M chief - New Kerala
An organisational man and a Marxist hardliner, it was Karat who played a key role in dissuading - not once but twice - former West Bengal chief minister Jyoti Basu from becoming India's prime minister in 1996 and, a year ago, the CPI-M from joining the present Congress-led government.... Besides being a Marxist ideologue, Karat is also managing director of LeftWord Books, a publishing house, and has authored books such as "Language, Nationality and Politics in India".

4) Andhra Maoists asked to go after select targets - New Kerala
(IANS News) Hyderabad: In a change of strategy, Maoist guerrillas in Andhra Pradesh have decided not to kill ordinary villagers and lower-ranked policemen or attack state-owned buses, and instead focus on big targets.


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