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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

News update

Muslim League backs Chandy-led coalition, oppose Commies - The Peninsula
“The Commies have no idea what the League is and what Malappuram stands for. They are knocking at the doors of self-styled protectors of the community in the hope of making a breach into the Muslim heartland. I can assure you that it’ll all end up as just a pipedream”, he (Former Industry Minister P K Kunhalikutty, the dtate general secretary of the League) said amid thunderous applause from the League cadres.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist): No member of the party will be allowed to run an NGO on overseas money. Even when drawing funds from government schemes, the socially enthusiastic member would need the party’s permission to run the NGO. Besides, any member connected with an NGO would have to submit detailed accounts to the party.... While working “in the field”, NGOs often need the cooperation of government officials at various levels. The experience is not always pleasant: indifference, actual obstruction and even open hostility are not uncommon. The core of the problem is contained in the label: these are non-governmental organizations... “Foreign” money and NGOs is a most unpalatable combination.

All you wanted to know about CPI-M - Rediff


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