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Communism Watch

Sunday, April 09, 2006

INSAF' link to terrorism

Indian communists in US (FOSA/INSAF) play innocent when their links to violent communism and terrorism are busted.

INSAF (a close affiliate of Association for India's Development AID) has been openly publishing views about their ideological inclination with violent communist movements in India and Nepal.

More appalling is their activism which mitigates their extremist intentions and disguises them as progressives. Communist activism in India has created a virtually unbridgeable divide between public and media, blue and white collar workers, different religious beliefs and castes, developmental and social issue etc. along with communication gaps.

Other non-aligned individuals involved with these disguised progressives should be aware of this nefarious movement. But recent events such as the california textbook issue, cartoon controvery (which Indian communists have protested), Bush' India visit etc have seggregated and identified communist groups and their numerous 5-member affiliate organizations.


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