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Thursday, May 04, 2006

An Open Challenge to Indian Communists

The cold-blooded and ruthless mass murder of innocent civilian in Kashmir seems to have returned. Like in the past, not much is expected of Indian goverment to proactively counter the Mujaheedin's.

The victims were once again those described as the 'soft-targets': the minority Hindus in Jammu & Kashmir. At least 19 killed, including a nine-year old girl in Kulhan area of Doda, and 13 in Udhampur

There has been a sustained attempt by Indian communists to play down terrorism in Kashmir as mere communal violence. Thus belittling and equating it to other riots and violence.

Interestingly, but expected, AID, influenced by its communist mentors, has also joined the business of extra-developmental efforts. This time quite openly on many politically charged issue. The Narmada Bachao Andolan (Save Narmada) has lately been discredited as being a stubburn and a "anti" movement rather than something that aspires for a just rehabilitation.

NBA defines itself mainly through negative agendas – anti-dam, anti-liberalisation, anti-globalisation, anti-WTO, anti this, anti that. The alternative development paradigm Medha Patkar claims to represent has not yet offered any practical and positive worldview or agenda for action.

Incidently, Outlook India seems to have taken out the story by Madhu Purnima Kishwar. She pointed out so many facts including how NBA activist themselves threaten the locals not move out of dam area and how other covert, cunning tactics have kept the movement alive for so long, is just spectacular and elegantly zooms in to the "universal cosmos theories" of communists. She comes down heavily on Modi and Congress too.

It would have been a classic to observe communists reacting humanely on this - it would have been an open challenge!


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