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Communism Watch

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Communalism through communism!

Counter to what Indian communists might claim, they are notoriously involved in flagging, inciting and destablizing communal harmony. Recent electoral sweeps in Kerala by the ultra-communists (aka communalists) shows how the Muslim card is played for political gains:

The Left catchline in Muslim pockets was that the Congress-IUML was "breaking bread with imperialists and fascists who were waging war on Islam". The LDF also had the backing of the National Democratic Front, an ultra-religious Muslim outfit.

Fortunately, some Muslims organizations are starting to realize this and have begun to forge independent political fronts.

Everyone chases the Muslim vote, but no one does anything for the community. Why shouldn’t the community keep the vote and act for itself?

says AUDF founder. It was floated barely six months ago by Badruddin Ajmal, a millionaire businessman from Hojai in central Assam who runs a successful perfumery business in Mumbai.


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