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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Meet Mr Bardhan, China’s spokesman in India

The Indian Left, which takes its political cue from China, promptly echoed the line of their handlers in Beijing and asked the Manmohan Singh government not to meddle in the “internal affairs (read Tibet)” of the neighbour. The party, which raised objections over the visit US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Dharamsala, said: “The government should see that their meeting does not turn into an anti-China meeting.”

Maintaining that Tibet issue was an internal affair of China, CPI general secretary AB Bardhan said, “All countries have internal areas where situation is sometimes disturbed. There should be no interference from anyone.” This loud advocacy for the respect for “One China” and “China’s territorial integrity” is not normally evident when Beijing makes its claim to Arunachal Pradesh. The Left, it be recalled, came out with a late response when China repeated its claim late last year.

[Source: The Economic Times]


  • We do have problems regarding boundaries with China. These take time to solve. Solution can only be through negotiation and with a litle give and take. Military "solution" is ruled out, and chances of India losing territory are considerable, though they can be reduced with military training in high altitudes and extreme cold. But the key point is that both of us are world's most populous nations and have common cultural traditions binding us in our relations, and these are too precious to be overlooked/ damaged at the altar of military efforts to solve to any of our "problems". The Communists of India have nothing in common with the socalled communist ideology which continues only in name for China, which has adopted, in tune with the pressures of population growth and surge of technology and globalizing forces. To Indian communists, communism continues to be what it was when conceived decades ago, namely, labour supremacy if needs be to be enforced through labor union rowdyism. The dismal condition of utter ruins to which the COmmunists have brought Kerala and West Bengal because of militant and indisciplined labour should serve as enough warning to the rest of India, to prohibit the Communists to spread their tentacles even in millimetres, by the shameful acts of allying with more responsible political parties.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 09, 2009 4:59 AM  

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