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Communism Watch

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Take Steps, Dont Jump

The communists have brought yet another ill-informed and ill-prioritized campaign to the public attention. This time it is to remove the law that bans all "un-natural" sexual activities.

It is ill-informed because just by reading the open letter, without any references, it will be impossible for any sensible person to co-sign it. The letter presents vague numbers like "millions of gays and lesbians" as facts of statistics. There are no factual cases discussed or even mentioned in the letter.

The letter is ill-prioritized because the first thing that should be banned is underage, forceful and inhumane polygamy that is rampant among the "minority" communities of India. A sensible person will be astonished of the crimes committed due to such medieval social practices. I have not heard a single signatory on this list who has had any problem with this social practice - and they are deemed "human rights activists".

As expected, the co-signatories are all five star activist, celebrities and human rights activists. But surprisingly there are a few "conservative" groups on the signatory list as well. John Dayal - head of All India Catholic Union will surely feel the pressure from Church after this public confession.


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