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Friday, June 24, 2005

It's now a Maoist jihad that makes India stunned

The news title itself will tell you how serious Times of India is about reporting. It plays with serious stuff like a flubber. In any case, the havoc in north-eastern India is worth noticing:

Over 300 Maoist guerrillas, including dozens of women in olive green military uniform, Thursday afternoon attacked the Madhuban bazaar, opened fire to create panic and set fire to the police station and block office, killing two policemen and a bank guard.

They also looted cash from a bank and attacked a petrol pump owned by Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MP from Sheohar, Sitaram Singh.

The rebels exploded bombs, looted four rifles and ransacked the local branch of State Bank of India, Central Bank and local treasury as a part of their daredevil operation.

The guerrillas also bombed the house of Sitaram Singh and his neighbour and looted cash and jewellery.

"The Maoists did the looting for over 90 minutes without any police action," a district official said.

One source close to the RJD leader said Nepalese Maoists were also involved in the attack.


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