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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

India's most pretentious

This Times Of India article points out some of the most pretentious people in today's India - i.e. people with diagonally opposite lifestyle with what they appear to be in public.

Guess who is on the list?

1) Brinda Karat
Brinda Karat is a passionate and articulate speaker with beautiful eyes and a chiseled face. She exudes the class and sophistication in a set-up where any kind of class tag, especially the kind she espouses, is almost a sin. The only woman member of the CPI(M)'s politburo is an alumni of the elitist Welham School in Dehra Dun and Miranda House, Delhi. With an upbringing in a 'liberal household' Ms Karat's umpteen morcha's for the poor and underprivileged workers sounds slightly off-key. She makes a pretty picture, but Marxism is best left to the babus with the jholas.

2) Jyoti Basu
The grand old man of Marxism or does that slot belong to Harkishen Singh Surjeet. Jyoti babu comes close, though and the 'gala milao' with the UPA government reinforces what Mamata didi has been alleging all along-the CPI(M) is the B-team of the Congress. Of course the allegations fall flat when they steam from the maverick Mamata, but Jyoti babu with his love for Scotch and his luxurious lifestyle is hardly the archetypal Marxist except when he is making an extravagant show...um...making a speech!

ToI should also consider compiling a list of India's liers and double standard activists. Marxists would again top the list!

Read more about wealthy communists!


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