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Monday, November 28, 2005

Neo-Nazi's and Neo-Communists unite - once again

In a startlingly new collaboration, the neo-Communists are supporting neo-Nazi's in a bid to take down their common enemy - Indus valley history. The former has cunningly categorized correction's to Indian history as 'saffronization' whereas the latter is inspired by racial superiority over other races reminiscent of Hitler's "racial purity".

Mr. Michael Witzel, now a Wales Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard University is leading his activism against so-called "Hindutva" attempt to distort Indian history. His CV reveals that he is among the "neo-Nazi's" claiming German racial superiority.

When objected and argued on his work on Indology, Mr. Michael resorts to personal attacks as recorded by many of his co-researchers.
perhaps more than half [his] material consists of totally inappropriate and irrelevant remarks – personal attacks, sarcasms, abuses, taunts, bluffs, setting up straw-men, diversionary tactics, false accusations, calumny by association and what not. Such cheap behavior has become quite typical of Witzel in recent years, and many of his recent publications are full of such remarks - by Vishal Agarwal

his “review” and “notes” scrupulously avoid replying to any of the points raised or made by me (or points replied to by me) and concentrate on abuses and jeers peppered with inanities about what “Talageri does not know” or “Talageri has not read”, followed by the schoolboy repetition of discredited allegations, blatant lies, and misleading diversions - by Shrikant G Talageri

Such ad hominem arguments and personal attacks are rendered even in his letter to California Board of Education who has given an initial approval to the changes.

Contrary to his claims, the Hindu Eduction Foundation (HEF) has an extensive broad based support from the Hindu community in California.

All concerned Hindu's are requested to send supporting comments and letters to: (please be polite)

Dr. Norma Baker,
Chair, Curriculum Commission
1430 N Street, Suite 3207
Sacramento, CA 95814
norma.baker@lausd.net and

CC the following:
Mr. Jack O' Connell joconnell@cde.ca.gov
State Superintendent of Public Instruction and Director of Education
Thomas Adams tadams@cde.ca.gov
Executive Director to the Curriculum Commission and Director of the
Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division (CFIR)

Dr. Deborah Keys, Ed.D. Deborah.Keys@comcast.net
Vice Chair, Curriculum Commission


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