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Communism Watch

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Indian Communists Hold Conference In Great Britain

Key notes from the conference:
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The conference had a presidium consisting of Gurbux Sidhu, Joginder Kaur and Joginder Singh and was attended by 57 delegates from various AIC branches in England and Scotland...All branches will provide a feedback in order to strengthen the AIC and IWA.

Yechury made a direct appeal to the delegates to use their strategic position in Britain in order to strengthen the solidarity between communist and other Left and progressive groups and organisations in Britain.

He went on to state that outsourcing from Britain is creating problems for the working class in this country.

reaffirmed the AIC’s commitment to stand shoulder to shoulder with the British and International working class.

These attacks [Delhi bomb blasts] were sponsored by imperialism and forces opposed to the normalisation of relations between India and her neighbours.

MNCs are not only in pursuit of superprofits, they are also transferring the unacceptable, environment damaging technologies and methods of production to the developing countries. In the latter, production is taking place in environmentally unsafe conditions and heightening exploitation through low wages. The need of the day is to forge international working class solidarity in order to fight the divisions that imperialism seeks to forge today.


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