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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Inquillabi's congratulate radical anti-Imperialist AID

The Inquillabi's have formed yet another five member radical, anti-Imperialist (read anti-US) organization - DESIst. The following passage makes it clear, without doubt, that AID (Association for India's Development), CAC and others have their roots in Communist Party of India.

Although great work is being done by organizations that have long predated DESIst such as AID, ADP, ASATA, FOSA, CAC, SACA, PBN etc these each have their particular organizational and functional limitations that prevent them, for one reason or another, from being the vehicle or the impetus for the
building of a radical anti-imperialist South Asian anti-war movement
. In some cases these organizations exist under charters that are more 'developmental' (AID) in focus or charitable in nature, resulting in politics centered around the zealous protection of some sort of non-profit or 501c(3) status. In other cases the particular organization has a more regional, religious, linguistic, or ethnic thrust which is bluntly and unabashedly exclusionary - again less than conducive to the discussions and analysis that would necessarily be needed to transcend these boundaries in building a broad participatory movement that can truly be labeled South Asian. This is in no way meant to disparage or belittle the real work being done to push the boundaries within these organizations by committed comrades who have decided to tackle the hard work of engaging these issues from the inside rather than criticizing from without. The point here is more that regardless of how much effort is expended in ensuring that an anti-imperialist philosophy consciously permeates these organizations, they ultimately have different
purposes and need to function in manners expedient to the reasons for their existence. What is imperative here though is that DESIst could not have come together without the years or decades of groundwork done by organizations and comrades in the Bay Area to create a context in which DESIst can exist. Lastly, it would be unfair and dishonest to leave readers with in impression that the Bay Area has never previously seen South Asian organizations come together for similar political purposes. South Asians for Collective Action in particular is a group that has seen many years and many rallies beneath a yellowing banner that still hails proudly at every antiwar march.

It's funny how the communists rant about "anti-Imperialism" of the west. The hypocracts, by definition however, tolerate the imperial and communist China for invading Tibet and commiting grave human rights violation. Their hypocracy runs amock in all their campaigns.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A view from communist screen

In the second photo above - Activists of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) protest against multi-national companies in front of the Union Carbide plant during a candle light vigil on the 20th anniversary of the poisonous gas leak disaster in Bhopal, India - source China Daily

Introducing Blogieman:
Blogieman - An imaginary personality who directs blog writers in a particular direction so that clues and information can be collected to draw conclusions about an investigation [Wiki].

Blogieman says, Association for India's Development (AID) is related to the Communist Party of India (CPI-M) on many issues - Bhopal gas tragedy, Anti-globalization, anti-Coca cola/Pepsi campaign etc. There is no denying that with AID is playing hand in hand with CPM on many fronts given the overlap of their politcal activism.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sandeep Pandey Vs. Ford Foundation

LUCKNOW, NOVEMBER 29: For these 11 theatre actors from Pakistan, the show has ended even before it began. Invited by an NGO — the Women’s Initiative for Peace in South Asia (WIPSA) — to stage plays across the country, the Pakistani troupe was allegedly told to pack their bags because their production, Zikr-e-Nashunida (Discussing the Unheeded), expressed anti-US sentiments.

Noted social activist and Magsayasay award winner Sandeep Pandey has also expressed outrage at the treatment meted out the group.

"All this has been done because the NGO (WIPSA) is financially supported by the Ford Foundation, an American organisation"

Note: Ford Foundation had snubbed the communist movement in India during Cold War. They still fund various activists againts communists and against communism.