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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Can the AIDers be hanged instead?

OutlookIndia.com had an interesting sequence of "Week in pictures". It starts with the photo of Mohammad Afzal's 7 year old with a poster to release his father who happens be a master mind behind the terrorist attack on the New Delhi parliament. (I personally wish he should have killed a few politicians that day).

Our "external supporters" were also lined up along side the protesters. You might have guessed who I am talking about but here is the list anyway -

Human rights activists, separatist leaders from Kashmir and literary figures today came out in support of Mohammad Afzal... Demanding clemency for the former JKLF member, the outfit's chief Yaseen Malik, People's Conference leader Sajjad Lone, noted Gandhian Nirmala Deshpande, social activist Medha Patkar, Arundhati Roy and Sandeep Pandey came together and staged a protest against the death sentence given to him.

Ironically, in the same slide show, there are pictures of Srinagar troops fighting terrorist who have hijacked a Shiva temple.

Not only the troops are fighting radical jihadists but are also under fire from violent protesters asking for release of terrorists.

Some reminder pictures of everyday life in Srinagar and of terrorists supporting each other:

Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel remove an injured colleague for medical assistance as Kashmiri protestors fight pitched battles with police in down town Srinagar Friday protesting against the death sentence to Afzal Guru.

Arundhati Roy (left) and S.A.R. Geelani (centre) (another terrorist who was released due to health issues) at a sit-in protest in New Delhi on Wednesday.

Some others who joined the drama:

Milli Gazette Editor, Zaffar-ul-Islam Khan, social activist Medha Patkar, secretary Jamat-e-Islami Hind Naseer Ullah Khan Afandi, All India Sikh Students Federation leader Mohinder Singh, Akali Dal Mann’s Sarava Deep Singh, Senior Doctors Association President Dr Anoop Sariya, All India New Democracy’s Dr Aparna, Jan Hitt Chief Dr NK Bhattacharya, Anjani Kumar, senior writer Javid Naqvi, Jammu Kashmir Ladakh Students Forum President, CPI Member Assembly Dr Aparna, All India Students Association President Kavita Krishna, Jammu And Kashmir Employees Forum’s Nissar Ali, Professor Vijay Singh, Prof Kamal Mitra Chenoy of JNU, Prof S A R Geelani of Delhi University, senior Supreme Court lawyer Nandita Haksar, senior rights activist Tapan Bose, Magsaysay Award Winner Sandeep Pandey, human rights activist Gautam Navlakha and filmmaker Sanjay Kak.

Apparently, not a single one of these "masiahs" protested or gave a statement for the soldiers or their families who died defending these unworthy politicians and citizens. Sigh :(